My Experience - Career

My drive and work ethic have enabled me to excel in my career and education. I attended my first boot camp when I was 15 and got my first job when I was 16 with no gaps in employment to this day. I was able to graduate high school with a 5.0 GPA and several college credits under my belt.

June 2019

KP LAUNCH College Internship

I was so excited for this internship. The experience was life defining. KP LAUNCH taught me how to be a professional in a corporate environment and cooperate with my peers. I was the youngest intern in the office which was somewhat intimidating but I was able to overcome and make great relationships with my coworkers. I also learned Python and created a proof of concept application that was designed to run UNIX commands on a given list of KP servers. I collaborated with my peers to create several PowerPoint presentations for the projects we worked on during the internship. I created a prototype web application that was meant to connect to several given servers and run commands on them at the push of a button. We presented to our coworkers, managers and sometimes executive leadership.

March 2019

Inclusive Community Resources

At Inclusive Community Resources, I supported the elderly and disabled with general needs like grocery shopping, running errands and tending to the house. This position helped me to work on my communication skills which supported me in future positions with other companies.

December 2016


Sweetgreen is a salad bar that sources ingredients from local farms to bring a healthy eating experience to customers. This was my first real job. I worked here for two and a half years and earned a promotion to hot prep which means I prepared all of the hot food that went into the salads. This job required me to maintain an awareness of the oven, my prepped food and the food being directly served to the customers so I gained multi-tasking and time management skills from this position.

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September 2019

Kaiser Permanente IT Apprenticeship

I started the KPIT Apprenticeship right after completing the KP LAUNCH college internship. I was gifted the opportunity to experience working in an IT environment in a group of 13 other apprentices. I rotated through four different teams while in this program: The first team was an Automation team where I supported my team with building automation tools to support our coworkers by improving their workflows. The second team was called the Interoperability Services team where I supported their servers and applications by keeping them online, up-to-date and available to members and physicians. In this team I developed a web application I called the "Roadmap Generator" that is designed to get project data from a database and display it for users as a timeline of all their initiatives. I presented this application to my managers and executive leadership and it is still being used by that team today. The third was called the Pharmacy Services team where I built Microsoft PowerApps, analyzed and reported on server data and supported Quality Assurance testing. The last team I worked on was a DevOps team where I supported the spread of DevOps practices throughout KP and helped maintain a Service Desk where our coworkers could request assistance with bugs or enhancements to the shared libraries we maintained.

January 2019


Working with CodeFu was my first professional teaching experience outside of the Hidden Genius Project. Here I taught computer science to Elementary school students at various schools around the Bay Area like Head-Royce, Lycée Francais de San Francisco and several more. I taught my students how to build websites, games and Minecraft mods.

June 2018

KP LAUNCH High School Internship

I started the KP LAUNCH internship right after graduating high school. It felt like the perfect next step in my career journey. Here I worked with a cohort of nearly 20 other interns that included some of my fellow HGP alumni. We learned professional development skills and collaborated on a presentation that addressed the issue of homelessness in our neighborhoods. I worked on a Design Thinking team where I learned about the applications of Virtual Reality in the medical field and created documentation for prototype VR software that would be tested with patients. I also collaborated with my team to come up with new ideas for an exhibit that would be displayed in one of the newer KP buildings.

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